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[03 May 2005|01:43am]
8 months...

i love you

spell check takes too long. [03 Apr 2005|11:29pm]
[ mood | amused with writing ]

friday cory scooped me up and brought me back to freeport to stay the whole weekend. it was a pretty fun ride with him cause we haven't hung out in a long time. excessive use of the "n" word came out of his mouth probabaly 1200 times this whole weekend alone. mostly while he was harassing "newbies" on halo 2 live for his X-box. anyways we got to freeport and dug at the trails for the first time this year. cory worked on them the day before by himself, so we had a good start. we were down there for only a couple of hours before kevin showed up and we took off to go to see the killer apathy(garrets band), and killing abraham. christine was going to come with us but lack of communication(on my part) and her being the most indecisive person on earth. she ended up staying home instead. it was about 7:00pm when we got to byron, we were driving around town looking for the show. after 10 minutes of wandering i noticed there was a music shop right off the main drag in town. so i told cory i will go see if thats it, and if not they have to know where the real show is. i went in there and some kids were playing acoustic guitars while their uncles watched. nobody noticed me until the guy behjind the counter jumped ten feet when he seen me staring at him. i asked him if this was the show and he said "yeah, do you want to play?" i declined politely. some girls finally told me where the real show was, which was at a church on the road we came in on. but i guess we were too busy looking the other way to notice it. so i strolled back to the car, cory was laughing because kevin was peeing in between our car and another car when a group of elders came and drove kevins cover away. we arrived at the show and said hi to everyone. watched the bands and stuff. before the killer apathy played we went and got some shakes at wendys. on the way there we cut through a construction yard and passed some shady ass truck that was just sitting between some dirt piles. when we walked past them they rev'd up the engine and we ran to the street into traffic. kevin was joking around and ran nearly in front of a jeep and they slammed on the brakes it was hilarious. we went back and passed through the construction yard again. garrets band was amazing they get bettter every time i see them. after the showe we just went back to the house and played x box til we fell asleep.
saturday cory had to work, so when i woke up at 10:00am i rolled over to christines house. before i went inside i seen her dad and he heckled me and said "where the hell have you been?" because i'm usually over there alot earlier. christine and i didnt really do anything at all accept for play super mario 2 for NES. around 3:00pm cory got out of work and picked me up from christines house. after i left christine got rayvin and they went to davenport to hangout with andrea. we went back down to the trails and dug for hours. kevin showed up at the trails again. there was no riding just building by me and cory. kevin was on the phone most of the time trying to get some rockford girls they met at the show the night before to come hangout in freeport. cory and kevin were bribing them with gas money but i guess they weren't having it. so we just made fun of kevins motocrosser accent instead. we took off to corys house, me and cory were following kevin. kevin was half on the road and half on a grass hill. it was funny. x box was played once again until about 9:00pm and we went to ride around freeport. a car full of nasty girls were follwing us around while we rode. it was funny cause we would all get scared every time they would drive by. later on the cops told us to go home because we didnt' have headlights or taillights. that was stupid, i hate small town cops. we went to mcdonalds trying to escape our stalkers, we went inside the building and never seen them again. kevin borrowed me a dollar, and after eating some shitty ass mcdonalds we went back to the house. kevin and i were bored of watching cory play halo. so we were getting wild on the violin. kevin has never played the violin before and he already learned how to play "where did you come from where did you go where did you come from cotton eyed joe". much like like my whole weekend so far, kevins new found talent was breathtaking. it was about 2:00am when somone remembered today was daylight savings. so after trying to figure out waht time it really was, we went to bed at 3:00am(which as really 2:00 i think).
Sunday i woke up around 10:30am. started the day off playing halo. went to eat breakfast. i had some bagels and introduced cory to them. and then cream cheese. he has never eaten either of them. that dude is nuts. cory and i headed for the trails and dug with my shirt off for a couple hours. i got a little burned. cory and i started riding the jumps for a little bit. we were eating shit all over the place trying to figure out how to jump those things. but we finally got it kind of. bean came back from the quad cities and met us at the trails right as we were leaving. kevin and cory were going to cedarville to ride the little skatepark there. i slpit up with the boys and i went with the girls back to christines house. played some mario 3 this time. christine and i layed on her garage and played outside in our bare feet because it was mega nice outside. we found some smelly frisbees and played with them for awhile. tipppieee came from milwaukee to hangout with rayvin and we seen him for a litle bit. ate dinner with christine. then we played mario3 and got to the third world. she is alot better than me at that game. around 8 the girl took me home and i was so bored i decided to write this.

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midwest bmx questions [17 Feb 2005|01:18am]
Name: Dan Bogard
Age: 17
Location: Rockford, IL
Years riding: all my life
Sponsors: kink bikes, lotek kicks, odyssey bmx, rockstar games, empire bmx, my g/f, my parents, and friends.
Interests: drums, food.
Education: public school k-6th home schooled 7th-present (which is 11th grade)
Random questions
How did you get involved in bike riding & at what age?
See that’s what I couldn’t figure out on the “years riding” question. I’ve really ridden all of my life. It’s always what I’ve done and it’s evolved from riding around town, to trails, to racing (with Dominic Trovato when we were 12), to skate parks and street. It’s always something I loved and I think I started because I seen my neighbors riding and doing wheelies when I was really little. So I’m just going to say that I’ve always ridden.

How often do you ride?
Right now its winter and we don’t the pit anymore. With the help of my friends (cause I don’t drive yet) I make it to a skate park once or twice during the week and usually ride all weekend with my g/f (she skateboards). In the summer I ride every day.

Who where the last three people your rode with?
Garret, Brice, and Cory at the warp skate park on Monday. Riding and joking around with those dudes is the best time of my life.

What kind of music do you enjoy?
Anything with double bass axis.

If you work, what do you do?
I don’t work yet; I want to get a job at the kegels bike shop with garret.

Favorite things to ride (favorite skate park, city with street, rails, transition, banks etc.):
Riding anything is great this time of year.

Any other things you like to do besides bmx?
Play drums.

Drink/smoke? No/no

Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Wow! I can’t, your life can change so much in 1 year there is no telling.

What is to you, if anything?
I go to the site every once in awhile. To me it seems was the first website that was about a scene that is regularly updated with new videos and pictures. That’s got to be something

Who has inspired you on a bike? Ryan Boen, Josh Nendza, Kyle Dietz, Landon Anderson, many many more.

What do you like to eat? I like to eat my mom’s food, lasagna, soup, pizza, burritos, subway and QUESODILLAS!

What are some tricks that you like to do?
Toothpicks, 1 handed seat grab x ups. 540 tail taps, hang 5’s.

What do you think your riding style is like?

Your car? I’m saving up

Do you enjoy going to contests? Most of them are fun. Baco contests are the best.

How many hours do you spend on a computer? Not as many as I used to. I will only get on for maybe an hour on most days. But some days like today I’ll be on for 4.

Favorite bike video & single video section?
T1 video. Any bob Scerbo section.

Shout outs?

Mom and dad, brother, bean, garret Rapp! Cory, Brice, Robb at kegels, Tina and tom @ empire.
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[17 Feb 2005|12:43am]
[ mood | smile ]

welllllllllll hello!

I haven't updated this in probably over a year. I'm not tired and there is nothing else going on right now. but today i woke up around noon, did homework and got ready. everyone was out doing shit or workign, and i couldn't get ahold of ms bean. so i went to killing abrahams band practice at around 5 to hangout and watch. it was pretty awesome. lee clark is the fucking man on the drums, it makes me happy and smile when i watch him play. thats all i did today..

tomorrow a bunch of us are going to milwaukee to ride our tricycles. i'll be driving and getting in the last 2 hours of my practice driving so i can go get my license before i go to texas next wednesday.

but thats all i got.

christine i hope you enjoyed my post and have a goood day at school tomorrow.

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[05 Oct 2004|09:57pm]
this is bean.
just saying i'll miss you iel.
have fun in tulsaaaaaaaaaa.
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[24 Sep 2004|04:50pm]
i got my hair cut and i look real fucking cute.

this is bean typing for dan again. i cut his hair and he looks amazzzzzzzzzzzzing.
photos of the cutenessCollapse )

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olive. [10 Sep 2004|09:06pm]
hi, my name is dan bogard.
my name is dan.
im sitting in a chair smiling. looking cute. wearing an f-town shirt. and some gap jeans. and im listening to the cure.
before i corrected that i spelled the cute. umm.
hi, my name is dan.
bean is typing this for me.
i mean, im bean.
and i just typed this whole thing because dan hasn't in god knows when. i mean, i know when.. like, 2.. 3 months ago? it doesn't matter. it's too long mother fuck. e-r. and there are two waters sitting here on the computer desk. one ice cold and good, and the other old and not so good. so i was drinking the good one, you follow? and then i picked up the nast one on accident and drank that shit. and it was SHIT. shit, fuck. it was water. i dont know. nevermind, im just babbling so this entry can be long. descently long. since dan doesn't make any long ones. i mean, he doesn't make any at all.
in other news.
im sitting on dan's leg. and im killing it. and he has his head on my back and his arms around my waist. cute? yeah, fuck. we are going to see anchorman tonight. at 10. we are excited. we were supposed to go to antioch to skate/ride but that didn't happen because i guess they dont have any lights. so we'd have to leave early. poop on that idea. so we stayed here. and now we are going to not be on the internet. because, the internet is my life. i think that's all. dan, do you have anything to add? "no" he said. see what i mean? this entry is fucking perfect. fuck off. byyyyyyyyye.

<3bean and dirt.
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you have my heart..dont eat it i need it [08 Jul 2004|11:07pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey i've been gone all summer, and i haven't been keeping up wiht my lj. i've only been home 1 week all summer so far. so heres what i've been doing
*2 week roadtrip to/fro new york with adam, natalie, and devon.
+ strict subway/chinese diet.
+1week in davenport with kyle
+1week at home then the last pit contest
+1week back at kyles with landon..USS....
+1weeksnow back at landons in hastings mn, i'm going home in a week and i'll be home for 3 days. and i'll be leaving for new york again for a week. i miss everone back at home and i should be home all of august accept for maybe a weekend at my grandpas in springfield.

yo fixes me up when i get sunburn. we're gonna go riding in a bit


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[07 Jun 2004|02:58am]
dudes i'm back!
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[12 May 2004|10:46pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

hey im at mike hinkens house, we just watched some guy get his head hacksawed off =/.

bean britt says hey.

suicide grrlz 4 lyfe.

wheres the puss? - mike

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